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Earth’s climate is changing. We are too.

Humans are emitting far too much carbon into the atmosphere, and it’s destabilizing Earth’s climate. We need to reduce carbon emissions to limit warming to 1.5°C, as called for in the Paris Agreement.


So how do we cut the carbon?
We have identified the main 3 main areas in which we could have an action directly and indirectly. Reducing our impact on CO2 emissions goes through 3 main points:
- Raw materials
- Manufacturing 
- Transportation



It is on the transport we are starting to offset our carbon impact.

From now on, when ordering on our website it is possible to check a box to make your order Carbon Neutral.

We are partners in a program called Global Forestry Projects. It contains a variety of forestry-based carbon offset projects-from reforestation to protection and improved forest management. If you want more info, click here.


We will keep you posted on our mission to 0 emission!



The Legacy Team

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