Who We Are

Our team Jérémy Arnoux, Mathieu Desaphie and Nicolas Padois have grown up with legendary board models like the Mach 7-7.

BZ and Morey team riders made us dream when we were kids, to the point of devoting our personal and professional lives to bodyboarding. Names like Paul Roach, Jay Reale, Spencer Skipper, Lanson Ronquilio, Danny Kim, Chad Barba, Kyle Maligro for BZ.

Two years ago, we decided to work on the return of these brands and today we are proud to present the first collection of boards specially produced for Europe.From design details to production in the best factory, we have managed everything to have boards that combine modern performance and the brands heritage.

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  • Concept & Design

    Every bodyboard was conceptualized, designed, and pieced together in close collaboration with experts.

  • Suppliers

    You know where and how the bodyboards you buy are
    made. Our boards our proudly made at Broady in Indonesia which we consider to be the best bodyboard factory.

  • Timeless collection

    We design and produce what we call 'carryover' collection to prevent our products from being obsolete the next season just because a color or a logo has changed.

Thank You, Tom

Tom founded Morey bodyboards in Hawaii back on 7 July 1971. His legacy lives on through each and every one of us.

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