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Louka Zaninotto now rides for BZ Bodyboards

It may have been one of our worst-kept secrets, but the rumors are true. Young prodigy Louka Zaninotto is joining the BZ bodyboards family and becoming the brand's new star. Louka is part of this new generation of bodyboarders who impress at the peak even though he is only 14 years old. We are very proud and happy to be able to support him in his career.


“Louka may well potentially be bodyboarding’s next “Big Thing”. Only time will tell I guess but there is no doubt Louka is currently the best grom in the world, I can’t help but to compare with other riders when they were 14 years old and Louka is just as good if not superior, he has all the qualities and capabilities to become an excellent bodyboarder and become world champion one day. ”comments Pierre-Louis Costes.

We asked Louka to answer a few questions over the phone.

LEGACY: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into bodyboarding?

LZ: My name is Louka Zaninotto, I'm 14 years old, I live in La Salie, or rather in La Teste near Bordeaux. I've been boogie boarding since I was 5 years old at the club, I go to school, it's cool. My brother and father were into bodyboarding, and I got into it and loved it right away.

L: You went on a trip to Portugal with Ocean Roots in February, can you tell us more?

LZ: Crazy trip, we had dream conditions every day. After a complicated winter because we were limited in surfing at La Salie due to last summer's fires, getting back into the rhythm of surfing waves like that with the whole team was amazing.

L: What's the best anecdote from this trip?

LZ: Oh man, like the times when we spray Louis every time he rinses his wetsuit!! There are also times when a dark set comes and we're all at the impact!! Otherwise, a session on a secret spot in the north where Maxime took us, a 4-hour Sunset session with just the six of us in the water scoring perfect waves, it was incredible.

L: In the video, we see you surfing the BZ Fundamental that we developed with you in a small size, can you describe it?

LZ: It's a super maneuverable board adapted to my size, the bat tail allows me to have good versatility, perfect thickness, and grip. I love the drive I have with it, and it's just too beautiful.

L: What are your competition goals?

LZ: Honestly, I'd like to win everything!! In France or in the IBC, it's going to be tough, but that's my goal.

L: What's your favorite maneuver?

LZ: The invert has become my favorite maneuver, in reality, you can easily go high, have a lot of amplitude, it's engaging through the projection. It's easy at first but difficult to perfect and make stylish.

L: Left or right?

LZ: I like rights, but I prefer lefts.

L: Any trips planned for 2023?

LZ: We're going to try to move around as much as possible. But with the competitions, there will be a lot of travel in France, then there's the IBC circuit starting in August at La Salie, then Sintra, Morocco, and I hope to be in the running to go to Fronton. If there's a video trip to be made, I'm excited :)
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