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Pierre-Louis Costes signs with Morey Boogie

We are  excited to announce the signing of two-time world champion bodyboarder Pierre-Louis Costes to a 5-year partnership. PLC, renowned for his exceptional talent and competitive prowess, will not only represent Morey Bodyboards in competitions but also contribute to product development and brand initiatives.

From his early days showcasing prodigious talent in Morocco to clinching his first world title at the age of 21, Costes has become a formidable figure in the bodyboarding world, earning a reputation for his complete surfing style, reminiscent of his Australian idols, coupled with explosive aerial maneuvers. His second world championship title in 2016 further cemented his status as a global icon in the sport

"I'm deeply honored to represent Morey, a brand with a legacy as rich as the sport itself," said Costes. "The biggest act of gratitude I could do in my life towards Tom Morey, the man who made all of us bodyboarders who we are today, is to carry his name as I continue to bodyboard at the highest level and contribute to this brand that has shaped our sport. This marks a new chapter, not just for me but for bodyboarding's most prestigious brand."

Terrence Lin, Brand Director at Morey Bodyboards, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership. "Bringing Pierre-Louis on board aligns with our vision to push the sport of bodyboarding. His input will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and introduce the sport to future generations."

Jeremy Arnoux, representing Morey Bodyboards’ European distribution partner LEGACY, added, "Pierre-Louis embodies the spirit of bodyboarding, and we're thrilled to collaborate on groundbreaking projects that will propel the sport forward."

The addition of PLC to the Morey team underscores the brand's dedication to 

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