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Which boards to choose this winter?

Despite the last heat of autumn, we feel that winter is fast approaching with its freezing temperatures and long swells.

We decided to give you some tips to help you being well prepared for this period.

To continue to be motivated to go into the cold water, you have to be equipped with the right equipment.

Wetsuits 4/3. It is the key element of your winter, a minimum thickness of 4/3 mm. If possible with integrated hood. It takes some time getting used to but once you are, you can't live without it. Sen no sen is one of the main brands on the market.

2mm boots with glued stitched seams. Some spend the winter without slippers, with the cold the foot becomes insensitive and it is not disturbing in the water. On the other hand when you walk along the water's edge you will suffer.

1/2 size larger fins. To avoid being compressed in the shoes, take your same pair of fins but a pair of fins with a half size above. A nice range of fins is available from our retailers.

A softer board and more possibly 1/2 inch larger, it all depends on the waves you will be surfing in. The thicker waterlogged wetsuit will weigh you down hence the need for a larger size. You can use the Mach 7 in PE which will be the most flexible with us.

Or else the trick for the softer board is to use an old, already "used" PP board. it will give you more comfort and control.

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