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2023 Quelle saison!

 We are truly proud of this second season. We've put a lot of energy and all our hearts into sharing our passion for bodyboarding through our brands Morey, Bz, and Legacy.

A brief summary of 2023.

Product Line

First and foremost, a real commercial success for our boards available in the best bodyboard shops and surf shops in Europe. It's a great reward for us to have the support of the key economic players in the industry. Our 2023 board range has delighted both 90's enthusiasts and the younger generation.



We have signed two riders and chosen to support the future with the Zaninotto brothers.

Louka, 14 years old.



Timeo, 17 years old.



As you know, passing on our bodyboarding heritage and culture is our mission with this project. What could be more natural than putting quality bodyboards under the belly of interns and members of surf schools and bodyboard clubs?

So, we have equipped schools like Ocean Roots in La Salie, Xpgliss in Biscarrosse, ESB in Brittany...



This season also marked the launch of the first product under the Legacy brand. A simple, comfortable, and ultra-durable bicep leash, guaranteed for 10 years against breakage!

The reception has been excellent, and we have started working on new products for 2024.

Legacy bodyboard leash


leash bodyboard Legacy



At the end of August, we were the main sponsor of the LA SALIE PRO, the IBC Junior World Cup. A great event that confirms our commitment to supporting the next generation.



Finally, our board collection is now distributed in Australia by one of the very best shapers and legends in the industry, Todd Quigley (QCD). It's a great honor for us to have Todd on the team.

The boards are now available in Australia at BodyboardKing, ShedNine, D5, SWS, Inverted...

Morey Australia


2023 is not over yet, and we have just finalized our 2024 catalog with some exciting surprises. We are getting ready to introduce the range to your favorite surf shops, and our third season promises to be epic! Yeeeeeeew



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