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BZ Rebel Tour / Highlights

A new concept of competition has emerged. The best riders are invited to a spot at the last moment to have the best conditions.

10 riders were invited for this 1st edition:

  • Noah and Ethan Capdeville
  • Martin Mouradian
  • Alex Castillo
  • Louka and Timeo Zaninotto
  • Jeremy Arnoux
  • Yon Aimar
  • Leo Jordan
  • Enzo valognes

1st Round

On the first round, Martin Mouradian flew over his heat with a big invert. He then chained big back-flips which allowed him to take an option on the final. Alex Castillo also stood out on the second heat with the first 10 points for a huge air reverse.

2nd Round

It was still possible to improve its scores for those who had not scored in the first round. It was Ethan Capdeville who stood out and secured his place in the final with Martin Mouradian, Alex Castillo, his brother Noah Capdeville and Jérémy Arnoux.


The final, which lasted 40 minutes, gave the riders time to show what they could do to win.

Ethan took the inside option with longer waves. He secures his combo with a spin to barrel, and rollo out. He also scores a huge back for his best move. But Martin had the bomb of the final with a big backflip on a set wave.

Final results

1st Martin Mouradian

2nd Ethan Capdeville

3rd Jeremy Arnoux

4th Noah Capdeville

5th Alex Castillo

Thank you to all the riders for responding. See you for the next step, we don't know where and we don't know when.

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