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Bodyboard Factory - how we make the boards

We are Radically Transparent.
Broady are the Masters in making durable, hi performance bodyboards with minimal waste.
Their technical progress are insane and drew us. But its ultimately their CORE approach that made us certain of this partnership.
To make the best bodyboards on the planet, they combine high technologies such as 3axes cnc machining to 20 years of hand shaping experience.

We wanted to show you how the boards are made through a short video taken from the BZ Fundamental model production.

You can see the intricacy and artistry of making a board. We've listed some steps below that we quickly went through in the video. A real careful work is done on each part of the board.

  • Rail Trim
  • Rail Lamination
  • Rail Finish Sanding
  • Deck Lamination_1
  • Chine Heal
  • Finish Rolling
  • Slick Lamination
  • Deck Lamination_2
  • Deck Contour
  • Tail Sand
  • Deck Heat Stamp
  • Tail Heal
  • Chine Nose Trimming
  • Channel Cut
  • Nose Heal
  • Rail Print1
  • Deck Bulbs
  • Rail Print2


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