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Which bodyboard to choose to start?

Which bodyboard to choose to start?

When starting out with bodyboarding, it is recommended to start with a standard shape and EPS foam construction. An entry-level model such as the Morey Mach 12 is ideal to start with as they are cheaper and easier to use for beginners.

If you plan to do it regularly, it is recommended to switch to a PE core such as the  Morey Mach 7. This material is more resistant over time and will last longer.

The Mach 7 is the most iconic and recognizable board in the world. The Mach 7 is widely known as one of the most popular boards available, and it’s clear why. It has stood the test of time, through several iterations, all spanning from the initial invention: the boogie board. This new version of the iconic model is proudly made in the best factory in Indonesia. DECK : NXLPE SLICK : HDPE CORE : PE STRINGER : 1x FIBERGLASS Available now!

With a small budget, you can very quickly have fun and catch your first waves that will remain etched in your memory for life!

In which conditions to start bodyboarding?

It is best to start bodyboarding in low-energy, easy-to-handle waves such as beach breaks or inside the bar waves. These types of waves are more calm and better suited for learning basic bodyboarding techniques such as catching a wave, basic positioning, and basic maneuvers.

Once you have mastered these techniques, you can start to explore more powerful and technical waves.

It's important to not underestimate the dangers of waves and always abide by safety rules in place.


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