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"Super Stocked", The Morey Boogie Mach 7-SS history

The first generation of the Mach 7 SS was in 1989. At this time, DK was very popular in Hawaii, and the need for a narrower nose board with a thicker grip was very important.

According to Finbin.net, "there was a groove alongside the chimes. It still had a 50/50 rail."

Then, 2 years later, the model was refined a little bit and some line contour deck was added to give a better grip.

The same year, a Jay Reale pro model was commercialized with a slightly higher wide point to offer a more versatile 'prone/DK' board.

"Jay Reale tweaked the nose to have a thumb grip groove. This Grip Track Nose allowed for better control of the board from the front." says the Camille Pilar.

Today, our team has redesigned this Morey Boogie so that this versatile design will leave you "Super-Stoked" (hence "SS") after your first ride. This model is considered as the best dk board in the market since its creation. We added it our experience and changed the original design’s wide point to be more modern.

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