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Bodyboard Collectors Part 1

Having taken over the business of the Morey and BZ brands 2 years ago, we realized that there was a world of passionate collectors in the industry. We wanted to interview one of them that we met on Instagram. vbc_fred

Legacy. We are delighted that you agreed to do this interview. We've been following your Instagram since LEGACY was born and we're impressed by your collection of vintage boards or other accessories. You could almost open a museum all by yourself!

Fred. Thank you to your team for your message, I am delighted and honored! Bravo for the job you do with the reissues. Bringing legendary brands like Morey Boogie and BZ back to life is hot.

Could you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Fred, 42 years old. I discovered bodyboarding in 1990. Immediate addiction. My first waves with a BZ Pro Flyer if I remember correctly, then a Mach 7 (like almost everyone at that time lol) and finally a Mach 7-7 Stewart. A bomb ! (Living in the Paris region, I had the chance to spend the two months of summer vacation with my family in the Landes, between Biscarrosse and Hossegor/Seignosse. And this throughout the 90's. Incredibly crazy years for bodyboarding. )

When did you start to collect all these models?

For about 5 years, when I got closer to the Atlantic coast, I was able to get back into the water and I had a little more room to store them (and you need them!). I came across a group of vintage board collectors and it had a "Madelaine de Proust" effect. The memories of the 90's, the boards that made us dream when we were teenagers... It became a kind of hunt, rather addictive. But deep down, I especially like the idea of being able to contribute to the conservation of boards from this golden era of Bodyboarding.

How many boards do you have in your collection?

Currently 39. Well I think :)! 99.99% Morey Boogies. If my wife asks you the question, tell her about ten. How did you get them? Mainly on online ad sites, some random meetings or discussions. And some secret sources. What is your favorite model? Difficult question ! I've always loved the 7SS, the Jay Reale Yellow and Rails Red in particular. But if I had to keep only one, it would be the Cap 2 Speed 1st generation, blue and yellow nose. Chauvinism obliges!

Which Morey or BZ model would you have liked to see again?

Morey SCS or 8TX, for their "space" slicks.

Do you plan to present them to the public one day (exhibition, opening, etc.)?

I already thought about it. In 2023, who knows!



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