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How it's made


The path forward is clear: Minimize harm to the environment, positively impact the lives we touch, and have as much fun as possible

How it's made

We're minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions, ensuring our bodyboards are healthy for our planet and people, and making products that last. Our boards are 98% recyclable. We are working with the factory to reduce that impact as much as possible.

  • Polyethylene (PE) Foams ­

Used for the cores. It is one of the most recyclable plastics on the planet. Difficult to replace with recycled PE due to its dark color. ­

  • Polypropylene (PP) Foams ­

It is the most used material on high-end boards. Requires a little more energy to manufacture but its recyclability is also very good.

  • ­ High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ­

In its 'hard' version, this material is ideal for bodyboard slicks. It is heat bonded to the core. ­ High Density Polypropylene (Surlyn) ­ PP offers always better properties than PE. It provides significant strength and elasticity on slicks.

  •  Cross linked Polyethylene (XPE) ­

Another foam allowing the resistance and the ergonomics for the decks of the boards. Mostly used on low range boards. ­

  • Non Cross linked PE (NXLPE) ­

This is the material used for the decks of high-end boards. Considered less abrasive and more scratch resistant.

Where it's made ­

In our policy of transparency and quality, it was essential for us to choose the best bodyboard factory in the world for the return of the Morey and BZ brands to the European market. Broady Asia is a company located in Indonesia on the island of Java. Nick Mesritz "Mez", a former renowned bodyboarder and shaper from NZ, decided to create a factory to produce his brands and thus produce around 80% of the high-end bodyboards in the world.

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