Who we are

Bodyboarding and MOREY have just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

We grew up in the 90s, the golden age of bodyboarding, but also of the MOREY and BZ brands which are the very DNA of bodyboarding. So we surfed and dreamed of surfing many models of these brands.

We were inspired by their team riders, names of legends like Mike Stewart, Paul Roach, Jay Reale, Haoui Reeves, Spencer Skipper, Steve McKenzie, Ben Player for Morey and Ben Seversen, Danny Kim, Chad Barba, Kyle Maligro or Jeff Hubbard for BZ.

This passion for bodyboarding has pushed us to practice assiduously, to participate in competitions, to travel around the world to discover waves, meet other bodyboarders and ultimately to make it our job.

After many years, we wanted to pass on this heritage by giving back their letters of nobility to these brands MOREY and BZ which have given us so much. So we started working on a range of boards inspired by the classics of the time, bringing modern construction and details.

Here is the first collection of MOREY and BZ boards designed for Europe. The boards are made at Broady in Indonesia in very limited quantities and we want their release to be a real event, reserved for aficionados like us.

Jeremy Arnoux - Mathieu Desaphie - Nico Padois