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How to plug your Morey or BZ board

When you buy a board from us, we deliver it to you in plastic packaging and in a double fluted cardboard box to avoid possible damage caused by transport.
Upon receipt, you can remove the plastic film as well as all the packaging that is hung.
To be able to insert the leash plug on the Morey or BZ board, you must have:
  • a screwdriver 
  • a ruler
  • a lighter
  • a pen
  • a coin
1- Position the board flat on the ground, slick towards you.
2- Measure 15cm from the nose and 2cm from the central axis of the board. Make a mark with a pen or marker
3- Heat the screwdriver with the lighter
4- Insert the screwdriver into the bodyboard as vertical as possible. And Cross the board.
5- Screw the plug by first inserting the two parts into the bodyboard.
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