Who we are

Bodyboarding and MOREY just hit their 50th anniversary milestone.

We grew up in the '90s, which was a golden age for bodyboarding. It was a time when the MOREY and BZ brands truly defined the sport. We surfed the waves and dreamed of riding many different models from these iconic brands.

We were inspired by their team riders, legends like Mike Stewart, Paul Roach, Jay Reale, Haoui Reeves, Spencer Skipper, Steve McKenzie, and Ben Player for Morey, and Ben Seversen, Danny Kim, Chad Barba, Kyle Maligro, or Jeff Hubbard for BZ.

Our passion for bodyboarding pushed us to train hard, compete, travel globally in search of waves, connect with other bodyboarders, and eventually turn our love for the sport into our careers.

After years in the game, we wanted to pay tribute to these influential brands, MOREY and BZ, by breathing new life into their legacy. That's why we set out to create a line of boards inspired by the classic models of that era, incorporating modern construction and enhancements.

Introducing the 3rd collection of MOREY and BZ boards designed for Europe. Crafted in limited quantities at Broady in Indonesia, these boards mark a special occasion, tailored exclusively for passionate enthusiasts like us.

Jeremy Arnoux - Mathieu Desaphie - Nico Padois