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Legacy introduces The Owen swimfins

Crafted from 100% Malaysian rubber with 30% recycled content, these bodyboarding fins set a new standard in eco-friendly water sports gear.

Key Features of The Owen Bodyboarding Swimfins:

  1. High-Quality Materials:

    • Made from premium Malaysian rubber, The Owen bodyboarding fins incorporate 30% recycled rubber, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and performance.
  2. Optimal Design and Comfort:

    • Foot Pocket Hardness: 45 Shore A for a soft and comfortable fit, reducing fatigue during long sessions.
    • Blade Hardness: 90 Shore A, offering a firm and responsive blade for excellent propulsion and control.
  3. Exclusive Edition and Sizes:

    • Available in the sleek All Black edition.
    • Sizes: Medium (M), Medium-Large (ML), and Large (L) to fit a range of foot sizes comfortably.
  4. Top-Notch Manufacturing:

    • Produced in Malaysia’s leading rubber factory, ensuring the highest quality and precision in every pair of swimfins.
  5. Environmental Responsibility:

    • Designed with an eco-conscious approach, from material selection to manufacturing processes, to reduce environmental impact.
  6. Availability:

    • Now available across Europe through our network of trusted retailers.
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